We take an analytical approach to your business challenges, tell the story behind your numbers, and help you move ahead strategically


We’re new in town! But we have years of experience. We’ve been honing our skills in business analytics since 2003. Our industry experience includes hospitality, healthcare, energy, finance, and publishing—but we wouldn’t limit ourselves.

We believe that business decisions, even those gut-driven disruptive ones, should be firmly grounded in facts. But we go beyond finding the facts. We help you understand what they mean for your business and how to go forward. And we help you deliver that insight with clear and compelling visuals.


From the departmental budget meeting to the board room (we’ve been in both), here are just a few ways in which we can help you:

  • build dynamic dashboards of your key metrics for leadership reviews
  • identify which markets or segments to expand into, and how to do it
  • develop and deliver new pricing models
  • understand the potential value of new accounts
  • estimate the incremental revenue from improvements to internal systems, such as sales tools


To find out more about us and how we can help your business, email: projects at lindemananalytics.com